Happy New Year!

Happy 2019 Friends!

Today is my 48th Birthday and the anniversary of this blog, although I am a bit ashamed to admit this is a blog.  It is mostly a compilation of my columns from the Beatrice Daily Sun.

I love writing for the newspaper and at the point that I started this… that was as big of a risk as I was willing to take on, but this year is about being fearless.  It is about living my best life and the life that God gave me for a purpose!  Happy Birthday and Yay for me!

I don’t really like making resolutions (since I usually fail within the first month), but this year I am going to call them goals.

  • Spiritual Goals:
    • Grow in maturity by spending time with God daily in prayer, worship, reading and reflective journal.
    • Read/Listen to at least two books a month.
  • Marriage Goals:
    • Plan for a date day or night at least two times a month.
  • Family Goals:
    • Do at least two family meals at the table per week without electronics.
  • Career Goals:
    • Learn something new each day.
    • Seek out and apply for one new grant each week.
    • Write something new each day and post to blog at least three times a week.  Share on instagram.
    • Continue with “to do” diagramming.
  • Financial Goals:
    • Become debt free and in control of finances in 2019.
  • Physical Goals:  
    • Exercise daily – 10,000 steps or elliptical
    • Complete 48 Day Transformation with Optimal Wellness.
    • Drink 92 oz of water each day.

I think this is going to be a great year!


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