The Best Man’s Speech

Keri and LarryThis was my speech at my brother’s wedding reception last Saturday.

Hello and Welcome.  Thank you for being here to celebrate Larry and Keri!

I’m Christina Lyons.  I’m the Best Man.  It’s a new title for me, but I’ve been Larry’s sister for almost 45 years.

I have to admit that I haven’t always been my brother’s biggest fan.  You might find this hard to believe, but Larry was an annoying little brother.

He used to terrorize my cats when we were kids.  Our cousin, Troy, helped.

I also remember beating him, on at least one occasion, because I thought he was breathing funny!  He probably had a cold.

I stopped beating him up a few years ago and somewhere along the way, I think we found a comfortable niche.  We saw each other for holidays and family events, but we always knew we could count on the other.

But then, about six years ago, we lost our dad and in our brokenness we found grace and mercy.

Without really even talking about it, we became farming partners.  We have fixed fence, put up hay and cared for our cattle together.  We’ve weathered heat and humidity, freezing cold with snow and most recently, mud.  Lots of mud.

We don’t do things exactly how our dad would have, but it works for us.  Even if the neighbors are talking about “what are those crazy Kendall kids are up to now?”

We even started having the same thoughts!  Spooky!

Something else happened six years ago.  I started praying for both of my brothers.  When you pray for someone, it changes you.  Well, it changed me.

And while I didn’t know it, I was praying for Keri too.

I asked God to send someone into Larry’s life to complete him.  To be his soulmate and for him to cherish, as much as I do my husband, Dave.

I knew Keri was that person when she came to the farm to help us fix fence in 110 degrees.  Wearing sandals.

And I’ve known it a thousand times since then.  In the mercies we’ve shared.  The challenges, tears, celebrations and prayers.

I am truly honored to be here today and stand with Larry as we welcome Keri and her family into our family.

I would be remiss, as the older sister, if I didn’t give you some advice.  First and foremost, I pray that you will continue to put God at the center of your marriage and your family.

Remember to say “I love you” everyday, even when it’s a challenge.

Keep talking, sharing and celebrating your life together.

May you always remember this day and that your friends and family are here to love, support and encourage you both in your life together.

I love you both.  IMG_0105

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